Organic Mystery Bag

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Tis the season of giving and OPC has the perfect gift! We get messages every day from people asking how to get some of our most rare decks that they are missing from their OPC collection.

Our warehouse informed us that there is a brick of Peelers V1, Squeezers V1, and a couple bricks of Snackers left along with around 500 snackers bags. Instead of us just keeping them we want to give you all an equal opportunity to get them with our Mystery Bag Special! When purchasing a mystery bag you have a chance to pull Slicers, Squeezers V2, Snackers, Squeezers V1, and the highly sought after Peelers V1.

ONE IN FIVE bags will contain a SOLD OUT deck! Each deck will come in a Snackers bag! So once we are out of bags the sale is over! This is your chance to complete the OPC collection! Good luck!