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OPC Gilded Program

Welcome to the Organic Playing Cards Gilded Program! This program has been highly requested and we are so excited to bring these fun decks to our biggest supporters!

Every launch we will be gilding an exclusive amount of decks. Those who purchase 6 or more decks during the regular deck launch will have Access of the gilded version 5-7 weeks after the initial launch.

We are so excited to see how this program goes! We will be adjusting the amount of decks we gild in the future depending on demand. Please stay tuned for future updates!

What is a "Gilded" Deck?
When is the release date of the Gilded Decks?
How much are the Gilded Decks?
Who qualifies to purchase the Gilded Decks?
How many Gilded Decks can each person buy?

"Gilded" Decks are a true piece of collector item. We will be hand gilding the decks which adds a foiled edge on our OPC Decks for a luxurious look.

The release date of the gilded decks will be 5-7 weeks after the initial regular deck launch. We will send out 2 Emails to make sure you don't miss out the early access, one before the release and one on the date of the release.

The Gilded Decks will be priced at $30 each with a holographic foil-numbered seal. 

Those who buy at least 6 decks during the regular deck launch will be able to have at least one gilded deck.

For every 6 decks you purchase, you will have access to ONE gilded deck at the price of $30. Worldwide shipping included. We will make sure to produce enough gilded Roasters V2 so that there will be one gilded deck for every half-brick that was sold so you do not have to worry about missing out if you purchased a half brick or more!


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