Brought to you from Grampa Cam’s Hot Sauce Shop, Gettin’ Spicy and Gettin’ Saucy Playing Cards! Both decks are printed by USPCC on crushed premium stock. With their OPC-styled courts, these are perfect for Cardistry, Magic, or card game night! You can buy either deck individually, but if you like them both we have made a custom SPLIT HALF-BRICK BOX that has 3 Gettin’ Saucy and 3 Gettin’ Spicy decks inside! During our whole marketing campaign for these two decks, the polls have been very split! We printed 3000 of each deck which makes this our biggest release yet at 6k decks available! So which team will you choose? Or will you buy the half brick to get both?


Secret Service Playing Cards

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

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