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The OPC Origin Story

Welcome to the Organic Playing Cards Family! Our goal is to enrich lives through art, community, and playing cards! We were founded in 2017 with a dream of making a banana deck to spread awareness about the Cavendish banana going extinct. That one snowflake started the avalanche of support we have today. Organic Playing cards is a place for everyone! Card collectors, magicians, cardists, EVERYONE! We have many ways you can get involved: Discord, OPC Hangout Groups, YouTube Lives, Instagram, and more!

Here at Organic Playing Cards we pride ourselves on our creative yet simple design concepts. We want to make our decks fun to use, colorful, and ultimately a conversation starter! Being a brand in the Cardistry community the best way for the art form to grow is by TELLING PEOPLE!

We hope that you are just as excited as we are about you joining the OPC family!
It’s time to introduce you to the OPC Team! We have built a family of amazing individuals that are passionate about cards and the playing card community! Each of our team members represent the best of the OPC community and our mission.


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