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Card Mafia

What is Cardmafia ?

Cardmafia is an instagram account ( @cardmafia) that helps users buy and sell playing cards. We have almost 3k followers & have helped more than 250 sellers sell their decks. CardMafia is similar to Ebay Auction, but we are a non-profit platform that won't charge anything from sellers and buyers. We are just here in the middle to make the transaction nice & safe. We help sellers list their playing cards on @cardmafia,  people can bid until the 12pm noon next day, whoever has the highest bid wins. After that, the buyer pays seller on paypal.

Why Cardmafia ?

Cardmafia is created by @kevinyu97. The motivation for me to create this platform is to help the playing card community. As a magician, cardist & card collector myself, I believe that a platform like this is really essential and it will help the people in the community in many ways. Since it's a non-profit organization, we do not make any profit & we are not asking for anything back from anyone. But please follow the rules when you bid on @cardmafia. Please be nice and respectful to each other on our page as we all have the same passion. We do not want to ban anyone from our page, but we will take actions if we must.

RULES for Buyers:

- Only Bid if you have enough Money on PAYPAL. Paypal is the only payment method that is allowed.

- Make sure you can pay sellers within 24 hours after the auction.

- Raise your bid $1-5 dollars higher than the previous bid.

- Private Account Dm us for authorization before you bid. If you didn't , we have to right to cancel your bid!

- Always paypal the seller as "Buying goods & Service", so both parties have protection from Paypal.

How to Sell ?

If you are a seller, and want to auction your decks on @cardmafia. Please follow these procedures:

  1. Send us a DM on Instagram with the decks you want to sell. (Make sure the decks are worth more than 20 dollars each, we highly recommend rare or hype decks)
  2. If we agree to help you, we will send you a link to a google form. After you fill the form, your deck will be ready to list on our account. Normally it takes between a few days and a week for us to list. First come, first serve.
  3. After we list on our page, you can also share on your own instagram account to spread the message and attract more people, so you might have a better chance to sell at a higher price.
  4. When the auction ends, we will announce the winner under the post. No matter what the price is, seller has to accept it. Seller is Responsible for creating an Instagram inbox GROUP with the buyer & @cardmafia in it.And continue to the payment process with the buyer.
  5. After the Buyer pays, make sure you can ship the decks within 3 days. And it's your responsibility to update the buyer with shipping status or any other things the buyer needs to know.


Q: Will I get a good price if I sell my decks on cardmafia?
A: As a seller myself, I understand your concern ;) Since it's open bid, it's hard to predict. But check out our previous bids and most of them have a decent deal and all the sellers are happy with the deal! Keep it mind that there will always be people that are interested in the deck and willing to obtain them! And also you must accept the highest bid after the auction.

Q: What if the buyer doesn't pay?
A: Based on experience, every 1 out of 10 posts. there will be a buyer that can not pay the seller. So keep in mind that it has a chance to happen to you. Make sure you contact us on Instagram, We will BLOCK the buyer, Call him Out on our story & the buyer is never allowed to Bid on our platform again. Depending on the situation, we might be able to help you to relist it on our Instagram.

 Q: Can I sponsor Cardmafia or do a giveaway with @cardmafia ?
A: Of course, we would be glad to work with anyone that is willing to help the playing card community. And we will be sure give you a shout out and let people know your kind generosity. 

Q: What if the Seller doesn't ship me the deck after I’ve already paid? 
A: When you pay the seller on paypal as "Buying good & services", Paypal would provide you a 3 month protection. You can open a case on paypal & we'd love to help you to provide the evidence. We absolutely don’t condone any fraudulent activities on @cardmafia & we will always fight until the end to provide a great marketplace for both buyers and sellers!