OPC Passport

*The following content can only be applied to the Organic Playing Cards Series*

When you are purchase a deck by OPC on Riffleshuffle.com & Organicplayingcards.com; you will receive a free OPC password and the seals of that fruit. When you collector 6 different seals ... Explain the basic rules.

Please take a picture of the opc passport and the shipping label, just in case if it lost during shipping, we will try to find it..


1. What if I miss one release, are there going to be more oppotunites to get more seals?

Yes. We will release  the next 10 decks with holographic seal... As long as you get 6 of them, your passport will be completed. 

2. After I filled in the OPC Passwort, which address should I sent it to and who is going to pay for the shipping?


3. What will I received after I sent the OPC passwort? Am I going to get back my OPC passport.