Gold Philia

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PHILIA is created by Ph from all the way from South Korea, is a particularly designed deck with a “less is more” significance. Philia, derived from its Greek roots and usually translated "brotherly love", symbolizes the friendship nowadays.

Each deck has 52 cards, two jokers and two ad cards. Printed by United States Playing Card Co with Metallic Gold Ink & Air Cushion Finish. Only 2500 decks has been printed. No Reprints. 

Traditionally, the deer heads means wealth, health, freedom, beauty, power and luck in oriental countries, while it is the symbol of positive, optimistic, energetic and sharp-witted attitudes and characteristics in the western world. All of these have mirrored people’s desires and dreams, striving for high quality life.

With simple black, white and golden colors, it really looks like something you expect to find in the truth of living, death and love. The illustration definitely seems to symbolize a kind of undefeated and hopeful spirit in the eternal death.With distinguished quality and modest-luxury style, these stylish and sleek playing cards bring an element of coolness, mystery and uniqueness to art of magic.