Nightclub UV

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NIGHTCLUB Playing Cards have two editions: Champagne Edition & UV Edition. Both boxes were designed to be visually appealing. The bright colors already make us understand the mood of this deck: lively, cheerful, fun. Only with a glance perfectly communicates the message that these cards want to give: THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!

In collaborated with Alexmagix and Daro Genuardi. Our vision for this particular deck is that it is suitable for magicians, cardists, and any person who likes art and clubs. To achieve our goal we have changed the back design more than 10 times making even the smallest adjustments on the positioning of the single elements. In this way, we have obtained a homogeneous result that also allowed us to distinguish and appreciate every detail. 

  • Fully Marked 
  • Limited Edition of 2500
  • Completely Customized 
  • Printed by USPCC with Bee Crushed