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Beware, the Sharks are here! TheΒ Shark playing card is inspired by the king of the seas - The Great White Shark. The designer Adrian Valenzuela extended the Shark's body throughout the sides of the box as if it was lurking out of the deep ocean.

The Shark's fin seamlessly connects when you fan out or spread the cards, forming an image of the Shark making its way out of the deck. Andrian breaks down the Shark into multiple geometric shapes, giving the Shark a realistic scale-like skin. Combined with the word 'Shark' colored in red, it reminds us to keep an eye out the deep blue.

The Shark Playing Card is the third deck of our animal series. Limited to 2500 Decks. No reprints. Printed by United States Playing Card Co with Premium Bee Casino Stock.

We also offer the Premium Shark Collector Collector Options. Each Collector Box contains 6 Decks.