Skateboard V2

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Fusing skate culture and magic culture, a story told through the cards. Printed by USPCC, Bee Stock, Thin Crushed, Casino Quality for magicians, flourishers and card collectors. Limited Edition of 5000 Decks.

Skateboard V2 is created with a Four-Way Marking System, a Secret One-Way Design and a Double Face Gaff Card that includes an almost infinite amount of little cool features. Look at the star in the middle. With your imaginations, it allows you to create and perform instant miracles with endless possibilities.

“I was never a huge fan of fully custom decks until I saw this. Stylish and well designed. Can’t wait to get my hands on these” - Patrick Kun

“One of the most unique and visually entertaining designs I’ve seen in a long time!”  - Jeremy Griffith

“A deck with such a unique and authentic character, an awesome creation. Chapeau, Kevin.”  - DMC

“Some of the coolest Jokers I have seen on a custom deck in a long while. The overall art design is unique and gives the deck a fresh feel.” - Chris Severson